January, 2020 – Elk Grove Village, IL

SynChem passed its GMP audit for its facility

SynChem passed a compliance audit of its Elk-Grove Facility on January 7th. The audit was conducted on behalf of SynChem's current client by an auditor from BioProcess Technology Group.

April, 2020 – Elk Grove Village, IL

Japanese and Chinese scientists publish another paper using SynChem supplied material

A group of Japanese scientists from the Institute of Molecular Biomembrane and Glycobiology, Tohoku Medical and Pharmaceutical University and scientists from Pharmacology, Nantong University, published a FASEB J paper with the 2-Fluoro-fucose supplied by SynChem.

This paper is titled as "Deficiency of core fucosylation activates cellular signaling dependent on FLT3 expression in a Ba/F3 cell system", it can be found at https://doi.org/10.1096/fj.201902313RR

July, 2020 – Elk Grove Village, IL

Metabolite-Based Modification of Poly(L‑lysine) for Improved Gene Delivery

A research paper was published at Biomacromolecules by the joint efforts of
SynChem scientists with our partner. The research results show metabolite-
based poly(L-lysine) (PLL) modifiers that improve transfection by imparting both pH bufferingand nanoparticle stabilization functions within a single molecular unit.

PLL modifiers were based on morpholine (M), morpholine and niacin (MN), or
thiomorpholine (TM). PLL modification with (MN) or (TM) imparted buffering
function over the pH range of 5−7 both in solution and live cells and enhanced the stability of PLL DNA nanoparticles, which exhibited higher resistance to polyanion exchange and prolonged blood circulation. These properties translated into increased transfection efficiency in vitro coupled with reduced toxicity compared to unmodified PLL and PLL(M). Furthermore, PEG-PLL(MN) DNA nanoparticles transfected muscle tissue in vivo for >45 days following intramuscular injection.

These polymer modifiers demonstrate the successful design of multifunctional units that improve transfection of synthetic gene delivery systems while maintaining biocompatibility.

For the detailed of this publication
please refer to Biomacromolecules 2020 21 (9),3596-3607.

October, 2020 – Elk Grove Village, IL

SynChem finished building up its nanodrug kilogram purification System

With the demand for its nanodrug kilolab service, SynChem finished another
round equipment upgrade with newly purchased Labconco’s Lyophilizer, Fisher Scientific’s -80° C Freezer, Thermo Scientific’s UV-Vis Spectrometer and Repligen’s SpectraFlo™ Dynamic Dialysis Systems. This is the third-round equipment upgrade of SynChem to better serve its customers.