January, 2019 – Elk Grove Village, IL 

SynChem passed its GMP audit for its facility

SynChem passed a compliance audit of its facility located at 1400 Chase Ave., Elk Grove, IL. 60007. The audit was conducted on behalf of SynChem's current client on January 5th  by an auditor from BioProcess Technology Group.


July, 2019 – Elk Grove Village, IL

SynChem upgrade its GMP-compatible kilolab

With the high demand surrounding its GMP laboratory service, SynChem finished an equipment upgrade for GMP with new Buchi 20-L rotary evaporator, Vacuum Freeze Dryer, and Labconco Lyophilizer.  This is part of the second round of from SynChem to offer the best possible service to our customers!


SynChem upgrade its analytical lab with newly acquired UV-Vis Spectrometer

To further assist our chemists working on nanodrug research for our clients, SynChem recently purchased a new UV-Vis Spectrometer for the detection of anti-cancer drug loading on nano particles.  This is the third-round equipment upgrade of SynChem completed this year.


September, 2019 – Elk Grove Village, IL

New synthetic unnatural lysine work published at Bioconjugate Chemistry

A paper regarding a new unnatural amino acid on modified lysine and its synthesis and application was recently published in “Bioconjugate Chemistry”.  The paper reports a new lysine amino acid capable of efficient incorporation into antibodies and subsequent coupling with maleimide via a Diels-Alder reaction. This new lysine was stable throughout protein expression in mammalian cells and enabled covalent attachment of maleimide drug-linkers yielding Diels-Alder antibody-drug conjugates (DA-ADCs) with nearly quantitative conversion in a one-step process. The Diels-Alder bioconjugation strategy represents a simple method to produce site-specific and stable ADCs with maleimide drug-inkers.  SynChem chemists are actively involved in this project.  This paper can be found at DOI: 10.1021/acs.bioconjchem.9b00436.