February, 2018 – Elk Grove Village, IL

SynChem finished its own catalog product under GMP-compatible condition


SynChem chemists finished a project for its own catalog product, SC-35005, 4-Acetyl phenylalanine hydrochloride, in multi-kilograms scale with GMP-compatible grade material.  This is the first project SynChem engaged with kilogram scale in GMP-compatible laboratory.


March, 2018 – Elk Grove Village, IL

SynChem scientists successfully developed scale up process for six products

With the constant effort to overcome the difficulties faced to some products scale up, SynChem chemists this year make a large progress to develop a kilogram scale for the following products to supply our customers. 

September, 2018 – Elk Grove Village, IL

New synthetic unnatural lysine work published at Bioconjugate Chemistry

A new paper about unnatural amino acid, lysine, published at Bioconjugate Chemistry, titled as “Tuning the Diels−Alder Reaction for Bioconjugation to Maleimide Drug-Linkers”.  The paper reports the evaluation of electron-rich and cyclic dienes that can be appended to antibodies and reacted with maleimide-containing drugs through the Diels−Alder reaction. Drug conjugation is fast and quantitative due to reaction acceleration in water, and the linkage is more stable in serum than in the corresponding thiol−maleimide adduct with the same drug. ADCs produced using the Diels−Alder reaction (DAADCs) are effective in vitro and in vivo.  SynChem chemists are involved in this project. The paper can be found at DOI: 10.1021/acs.bioconjchem.8b00320