Jan, 2016 – Elk Grove Village, IL

SynChem, Inc. Scientists Have Developed New Product Line of Unnatural Amino Acids.

A product line with over 20 unnatural amino acids has been developed by SynChem chemists to aid biologists to expand the genetic code. With these unnatural amino acids on hand, which can be supplied in gram (g) to kilogram (kg) quantities, biologist can easily apply click chemistry, Diels-Alder reactions or others to modify antibodies and engineer proteins for the discovery and development of novel chemical and immunological therapies and diagnostics such as antibody-drug conjugates (ADC).

With extensive ADC chemistry research experience, SynChem is committed to this fast expanding field and is proud to be the reliable partner.

Feb, 2016 – Elk Grove Village, IL

A Nanoparticle Platform To Evaluate Bioconjugation and Receptor-mediated Cell Uptake Using Cross-linked Polyion Complex Micelles Bearing Antibody Framgments.

A research paper was recently published at Biomacromolecules by the joint efforts of SynChem scientists with our partner. The research results show that the newly developed maleimide-based technology platform finds extensive applications in preparing FAB-bearing nanoparticles with unique cellular internalization properties, resulting in higher cell uptake than mAbs and Fabs. For the detailed of this publication please refer to Biomacromolecules, 2016, 17 (5), pp 1818–1833, DOI: 10.1021/acs.biomac.6b00239.


Mar, 2016 – Elk Grove Village, IL

2nd phenylmaleimide paper accepted for publication in Biomacromolecules.

We are so excited to share with you our new paper from our joint effort with our collaborator yield the second paper at Biomacromolecules.


Sep, 2016 – Elk Grove Village, IL

Now hiring! Research Chemist wanted.

Responsibilities: Synthesize organic compounds as potential drug candidates using standard techniques. The Research Chemist will be responsible for reporting research results to management both verbally and in writing.

Requirements: B.S. or M.S. in Organic Chemistry. Experience in multi-step synthesis, purification and analysis required. Experience in parallel synthesis a plus.

Aug, 2016 - Elk Grove Village, IL

Bromoethylation of Phenols

SynChem chemist published a poster paper in 252nd ACS National Meeting in Philadelphia, PA, August 21-25, Poster ORG528, titled as “Bromoethylation of Phenols”. the paper report a high yield chemical synthesis to introduce bromoethyl group into phenols and also as a good precursor for azidoethyl-tyrosine synthesis, and it is directly use dibromoethane as solvent and 18-C-6 as phase transfer catalyst to control the basic condition of potassium carbonate hence suppresses the elimination reaction as side reaction.  Bromoethylation of tyrosine with this condition offers a high yield conversion and convenient route.