May 13, 2013– Elk Grove Village, IL

SynChem, Inc. raised its seeding round capital from a private investor to fund its proprietary new ADC linker technology research.

SynChem, Inc. announces today that it finished to raise its seeding round capital from a private investor to fund its proprietary new ADC linker technology research in Elk Grove Village, Illinois. "This new investment enables us to continue our leading position in ADC linker research and application to new successful cancer treatment, antibody drug conjugated therapy. Also this proprietary new linker technology combined with our new business model will allow SynChem not only captures the short term revenue but also midterm and long term revenues. " Said Dr. W. Paul Mar, CEO of SynChem, "Again, as in the past 16 years, we keep renew our commitment to our customers and collaborators that we will continue offer the highest quality research and services to drug discovery, biotech and pharmaceutical industries. It also renews our commitment to society that we will continue our presence in the U.S. to utilize the very best research capability shared success with collaborators well in last 16 years. "

January 01, 2013 – Elk Grove Village, IL

SynChem, Inc. licensed its new ADC linker technology patent to a European drug discovery company.

SynChem, Inc. today announced that they have signed a license agreement with a European biotechnology company. Under the terms of the agreement, SynChem will combine its expertise in synthetic organic chemistry with its proprietary antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) linker technology to design and develop novel linkers and conjugation methods for both drug payloads and antibodies. Both companies will contribute their unique and proprietary technologies to the Collaboration to develop innovative therapy for the treatment of cancer. "We are delighted for the opportunity of applying our own proprietary ADC linker technology to the development of new medications for cancer patients" said Dr. W. Paul Mar, President and CEO of SynChem, Inc.