June 27, 2008

Today SynChem announced its purchase 13,000 sq. ft. facility in Lake Zurich, Illinois for its worldwide Headquarter and US-based research and GMP laboratories.

This new purchase is one of its new development plans to continue upgrade SynChem’s capacity and also expand its business scope from research oriented to cGMP kilogram materials for clinical trials for its customers.

June 23, 2008

Today after approval from both companies’ board directors SynChem International Corporation Inc. announced merge into SynChem, Inc. starting from July 1, 2008. All SynChem International Corporation related business will be seamless flowed into SynChem’s management system.

March 18, 2008

APAC Pharma and SynChem today announced to setup their strategic alliance.

Through the combination efforts both companies will be working for bringing together with APAC Pharma’s experience on cGMP projects and SynChem’s strong capability of research oriented projects and offer their services to their clients from research medicinal chemistry projects to cGMP clinical trial projects. Dr. W. Paul Mar, SynChem’s Chairman and CEO said in the announcement, “It is great that we can get help from APAC’s strong experience in cGMP project arena and also its customer bases, SynChem also can offer our own customers from already very good medicinal chemistry service to further extend into cGMP services”. Dr. Dean Wei, APAC’s Chairman and CEO said in the announcement, “We are very happy to be able to build the strategic partnership with SynChem. We strongly believe that our customers will benefit from APAC’s cGMP manufacturing experience combined with SynChem’s medichem expertise. We look forward to a brighter future for both companies. ”.