February 28, 2004

SynChem Biosciences, Inc., an affiliate of SynChem, Inc. setup

SynChem Biosciences, Inc. is setup on February 15, 2004 as a biological service-oriented business for biologists at drug discovery and pharmaceutical companies. SynChem Biosciences will integrate its custom biological service and contract research service through SynChem (China), Ltd also will copy SynChem’s successful business model in chemicals to biologicals. SynChem, Inc. at Chicago will be the financial investor for SynChem Biosciences. SynChem Biosciences offers the time-sensitive service and contract research service through for its customers.

February 18, 2004

SynChem, Inc. Announces the Appointment of Dr. Lin Yu To the Position of Vice President Business Development.

SynChem, Inc. today announced the appointment of Dr. Lin Yu to the position of Vice President - Business Development, and Dr. Yu will be CEO of a newly setup sibling company of SynChem, Inc., SynChem Biosciences, Inc. In this new position, Dr. Yu will be responsible for all aspects of business development including marketing, strategic planning, and be solely in charge of setting up SynChem Biosciences effective March 1, 2004. Dr. Yu brings with him over 10 years of pharmaceutical and drug discovery experience to SynChem. “We are delighted that we can attract someone with Lin’s excellent background and proven leadership skills which are an ideal fit for SynChem's future growth and development," said W. Paul Mar, Chief Executive Officer of SynChem, Inc. "His entrepreneurial attitude combined with his years of managing commercial organizations as well as developing pharmaceutical products will add significantly to SynChem's service-oriented business as we move up to next level of business model," Dr. Daniel Fang, President of SynChem, Inc. added. From 1999 to 2004, Dr. Yu was Vice President of Chemistry at Triad Therapeutics where he was a cofounder and a Member of the Executive Management Team. Previous to that he spent 7 years at La Jolla Pharmaceuticals as Group Leader and Research Scientist. In these prior positions, Dr. Yu has been responsible for the design of enzyme inhibitors, receptor agonists and antagonists targeted towards a range of disease targets. Under his leadership, two compounds have been developed and evaluated in clinical trials. Dr. Yu received his Ph.D. in Medicinal Chemistry from University of California at San Diego and his B.Sc. in Chemistry from Zhongshan University.