November 30, 1999

SynChem Developed New Method for the Synthesis of Formamidine with Academic Researcher

Scientists at SynChem collaborated with researcher in University of Illinois at Chicago, Department of Chemistry, and developed a new, rapid method for preparation of formamidine. This new method is potentially very useful in combinatorial chemistry because it is clean and fast reaction. SynChem will continue the application of this new reaction in combinatorial chemistry, especially in the synthesis of heterocycles.

November 1, 1999

SynChem Enlarge Its R & D Team

Dr. Pete Zhao jointed SynChem as Sr. Research Chemist. Dr. Zhao graduated from University of Illinois at Chicago, College of Pharmacy, and he is an expert in medicinal chemistry and combinatorial chemistry for both library design and synthesis. Because of its rapidly growing business in custom synthesis and contract research, SynChem will augment its staff with two to three Ph.D. level organic synthetic chemists. See details in the Job Section of its website.

October 1, 1999

SynChem Moves Its Offices to Des Plaines

SynChem has decided to relocate its office and laboratory from Chicago Tech Park to new facility in Des Plaines, Illinois. The new facility has a 2500 sq. ft. laboratory with seven hoods and a walk-in hood. It more than doubles the size of the old facility. This enhancement in capacity will allow SynChem to speed up services for its customers.

August 30, 1999

SynChem Scientists Developed a New Process to Prepare Chiral MOP

Scientists at SynChem has successfully developed a new, precise and efficient route to prepare an expensive chiral catalyst ligand, MOP, or 2-Methoxy-2’-diphenylphosphine-BINOL. This development will reduce the prices of both chiral MOP isomers to half of the original price. SynChem has filed a patent application and is going to publish its results in two to three months. This development is part of SynChem’s continuing efforts for supplying more high quality and inexpensive chiral building blocks and ligands.

July 30, 1999

SynChem Scientists Developed more Arylglyoxals as Building Blocks in Combinatorial Chemistry

Another ten new arylglyoxals will joint the new product line as combinatorial chemistry building blocks in SynChem, Inc. Arylglyoxals are very useful building blocks for the synthesis of heterocycles and other drug-like small organic molecules. A total eighteen arylglyoxals SynChem commercialized this year aim at helping medicinal chemists modify their new drug leads by combinatorial chemistry means.

June 30, 1999

Scientists from SynChem jointed American Peptide Symposium

Scientists from SynChem jointed a four-day event of American Peptide Symposium in Minneapolis, MI. They exchanged the research results with other scientists from the world. The most exciting to them in the symposium are meeting with the venders and customers, and exchanged ideas in the poster section with other chemists.

March 30, 1999

Scientists from SynChem jointed ACS National Meeting

Scientists from SynChem reported a synthesis of new chiral ligand at the 217th ACS National Meeting in Anaheim, California. The title of their paper is “Synthesis and Application of Chiral 2,5-Bi-Oxazoliylthiophene”. They reported a four-step synthesis toward this useful PyBox type molecule. Its applications include usage as chiral ligand, chemical shift reagent. The application of this ligand in catalytic asymmetric synthesis is under way in R & D team of SynChem.

January 10, 1999

Arylglyoxals as New Combinatorial Chemistry Building Blocks

Entering the last year of the century SynChem added one more service to combinatorial chemists. Its R & D team has successfully developed ten arylglyoxal products as SynChem’s first Combi-ToolBox for combinatorial chemists. Arylglyoxals are very useful building blocks for the syntheses of heterocycles and combinatorial chemistry in both solid and solution phase. Production team in SynChem has successful scaleup to kilograms quantities for these products. The R & D team currently is working on the second Combi-ToolBox, isocynides, which are widely used in both solid and solution phase with Ugi reaction.