Management in SynChem

A staff of accomplished synthetic organic and medicinal chemists carries out the research and development at SynChem, Inc.  In addition, Dr. Jan Wasley, former Vice President of Neurogen Corporation, and Professor R. Silverman of Northwestern University, Prof. Frank McDonnell of Emory University, are members of the Scientific Advisory Board.

Scientific Advisory Board

Jan W.F. Wasley, Ph.D., is Chairman of Synchem’s Scientific Advisory Board. He is Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer of the Institutes of Pharmaceutical Discovery in Branford Connecticut. Prior to that Dr Wasley was Vice President Business Development and Director of Chemistry at Neurogen. He became involved in the development of Neurogen's Accelerated Intelligent Drug Design (AIDD) technologies. AIDD integrates Neurogen's successful combinatorial chemistry program with high-throughput screening capabilities, complementary both with state-of-the-art robotics and proprietary interactive data system. Dr. Wasley's scientific background lies in organic and medicinal chemistry. He received his B.Sc. degree in chemistry in 1959 and his Ph.D. in 1962 from Prof. A.W. Johnson at the University of Nottingham, England for his work in the synthesis of pyrroles, porphyrins and related macrocycles. Following a Postdoctoral Fellowship (1962-1964) at the National Research Council of Canada, where he worked on the elucidation of chlorobium chlorophylls with Dr. A.S. Holt, Dr. Wasley joined the Research Division of Geigy Pharmaceuticals in 1965 as a Senior Chemist. Dr.Wasley held positions of increasing responsibility within the Research Department of Ciba-Geigy in drug discovery and drug development activities and most recently was responsible for identifying and implementing new technologies and managing external collaborations. He has over 39 years experience in the design, discovery and development of novel drugs for a wide variety of diseases, and has over 90 publications and patents in the area of medicinal chemistry.

Richard B. Silverman, Ph.D., is a Charles Deering McCormick Professor of Department of Chemistry, Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois. Prof. Silverman is a leader of organic and medicinal chemistry research, especially in the field of molecular mechanisms of action, rational design, and syntheses of potential medicinal agents that act as specific enzyme inhibitors. Prof. Silverman was awarded numerous awards in his tenure at Northwestern University, most recently, he was awarded an ACS Arthur C. Cope Senior Scholar Award. He is a member of the Editorial Boards of Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry, Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters, Letters of Drug Design & Discovery, and was a member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. He also is the author of “The Organic Chemistry of Drug Design and Drug Action”, “Mechanism-Based Enzyme Inactivation: Chemistry and Enzymology”. Prof. Silverman received his B.Sc. degree in chemistry in 1968 at Pennsylvania State University and his Ph.D. in 1969 at Harvard University, a Postdoctoral Fellowship (1974-1976) at Brandeis University. He has more than 200 publications and 34 patents and 4 books in his research.

Management Team

W. Paul Mar, CEO

W. Paul Mar (Wuping Ma), Chairman and CEO of SynChem, Inc. Before his current position he is President and CEO of SynChem, Inc. from 1997 to 2003. Under his supervision SynChem, Inc. has been growing rapidly with current operation in both Chicago, USA and Shanghai, China. Dr. Mar is not only responsible for setting up and executing the Company’s long term business strategies and business development, but also involving organic chemistry research at SynChem, Inc. He is three times recipient of Small Business Innovation Research Award from National Institutes of Health, two awards were from NIGMS and one was the joint project between NIAID and NCI. He is the invited speakers for many conferences about outsourcing chemistry, such as The 2010 American-Chinese Pharma-Biotech Symposium, 8th Annual Outsourcing Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Preclinical Development & Contract Manufacturing, 2005 Tri-State CACS Conference, SAPA 13th Annual Conference 2005, 2004 Beijing Pharmaceutical R&D International Forum,San Diego Bio-Pharma Conference, 9th Annual Pharmaceutical Outsourcing of Discovery Chemistry. He currently focuses more on the Company long term planning and business development while continued to his research in organic chemistry research. Dr. Mar was a Research Associate at Materials Research Center, Northwestern University where he engaged in organic LED and was Post Doctoral Fellow at the same school for the synthesis of capped porphyrin. Dr. Mar received his PhD in Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China in 1990, and MS and B.S. in Chemistry in Zhongshan University, Guangzhou, China (1987, 1984).

Daniel Fang, President

Daniel Fang, President and COO of SynChem, Inc. Mr. Fang is the co-founder of SynChem, Inc. He has managed and developed SynChem from simple custom synthesis to current diversified business models to offer services ranging from custom synthesis, process development, catalog products, bioactive molecules, medicinal chemistry to analytical chemistry. Under his supervision, SynChem has completed more than 4,500 projects for wide range of customers, including multi-national pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies, drug discovery companies, chemical and agrochemical companies, generated more than 15 scientific publications, obtained 4 US Patents, generating total annual revenue of thirty millions. Three projects initiated at SynChem reached market by the continued effort of the customers, Mr. Fang is the outsourcing chemistry pioneer and has been instrumental in the success of expanding SynChem to China in 2000. He is also credited for the design, research and development of current SynChem’s 2,500 catalog products. Mr. Fang graduated from Chengdu Institute of Organic Chemistry and Zhejiang Normal University with M.S. and B.S. degrees and continued his research efforts at the University of Indiana focused on the asymmetric synthesis.

Ze-Qi Xu, CSO

Ze-Qi Xu, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer of SynChem, Inc, and President and co-founder of SynChem GMP, Inc. Prior to join SynChem, Dr. Xu was the Chief Scientific Officer and Executive Vice President of Advanced Life Sciences; before then, he was the Vice President of Strategic Drug Development at MediChem Life Sciences. Dr. Xu has more than 25 years of increasingly responsible research, development and operating management positions in the pharmaceutical industry. Dr. Xu brings with him a unique expertise in all phases of drug discovery and development from medicinal chemistry (lead identification/optimization, parallel/combinatorial synthesis, SAR) to preclinical research (ADME, pharmacology and toxicology) to clinical development (Phase I, II and III). His past work experience has advanced drug candidates from R&D through IND to NDA for the treatment of infectious diseases, cancers and respiratory inflammations. Dr. Xu has demonstrated knowledge in FDA regulations and ICH guidelines pertinent to drug development such as GLP, GMP, and GCP and hands-on experience in designing, managing, and preparing IND and NDA submission including CMC documentation. He has strong experience in strategic regulatory planning and intellectual property protection (patents) and has been successful in leading and managing activities related to manufacturing of API and finished dosage forms, regulatory and quality compliance as well as business operations with contract manufacturing vendors, preclinical laboratories, and clinical research organizations. Dr. Xu possesses excellent analytical skills with attention to details and strong interpersonal communication and organizational skills with the ability to work in collaborative and team environments.

Dr. Xu has been awarded more than $5 million in research grants from various state and federal government agencies including State of Illinois, National Institutes of Health and Department of Defense. He has been instrumental in two successful NASDAQ IPOs, raising over $230 million in private and public funding. Dr. Xu has co-authored 60 peer-reviewed scientific papers, 21 U.S. patents, and 60 presentations for various national and international conferences and symposiums. Dr. Xu received his Ph.D. in Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and M.S. in Shanghai medical University and B.S. in Chemistry in Jiangxi Normal University. He conducted his postdoctoral research, respectively, at Clemson University and Michigan Cancer Foundation.

Wei Xu, Director of SynChem (Shanghai)

Dr. Xu is Director of Shanghai Operating at SynChem, Inc. Dr. Xu was Director of R & D Department of SynChem (Shanghai) since 2006 and is promoted to Director of SynChem (Shanghai) in 2010. Prior to this Dr. Xu was Post Doctoral Researcher in North Dakota State University for 3 years with Prof. Gregory Cook. She graduated from Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry in 2003 from Prof. Xiyan Lu’s group and BS degree from Wuhan University in 1998. Dr. Xu manages wide range of FTE programs for SynChem’s customers, from large pharmaceutical companies to drug discovery companies. Dr. Xu also published more than 10 peer-review papers in her research.