NMR Services:


Varian 300 MHz


Proton NMR:

We need about 5-10 mg of sample which is dissolved in 0.6 ml of NMR Solvent.

C-13 NMR:

A higher concentration of 20-50 mg/0.6 ml is required for good S/N ratio. DMSO (39.51 ppm) is used externally for C-13 chemical shift calibration in D2O.


Data are stored in the computer system at least for two weeks. Older data files are permanently stored on CD. Data are available to you via e-mail.


Full spectrum (10 to -.5 ppm H-1, or 200 to 0 ppm C-13), and expansions with integration and peak-picking are sent to you within 24 hours for routine analysis.

Mass Spec Services


Perkin Elmer PE-SCIEX API-150.

Detection range = 30 – 3000 amu.


1 ug of sample was dissolved in 1 ml of suitable solvent.




We can fax, mail, or e-mail both positive and negative spectra to you. We normally scan 300-500 amu with molecular ion near the center of the spectrum.

What is the price:

NMR Analysis:

Routine Analysis

F-19 Analysis = $75 per Analysis

Long Experiment (Polymers, etc) = $65/hour

Mass: $35 Per Analysis

HPLC: $50 Per Analysis with two conditions

How to place an order:

How to use the Order form

  1. Our order form uses tables in Microsoft Word, so when you fill it out you only need to fill out the sections marked by an empty entry of a table. Just simply click on the empty table and type in the information. You can save the order form onto the computer for future use.
  2. For each test you would like performed fill out the necessary information, for example if you would like to run both NMR and Mass, and fill out only the NMR and Mass sections.
  3. Things we need to know for each test you would like conducted:
    • NMR: Please let us know the solvent and the type of test (H1, C13, etc)
    • Mass: Please indicate the molecular weight (M.W.) and range you would like scanned.
  4. Click the link below for the order form in Microsoft Word format. You can save it on your computer by right clicking on the link and then left clicking on save as.

Any other questions please e-mail us or give us a call.